Assessment process

ANMAC’s assessment process is methodical and thorough. This ensures we perform our duties to the highest standards on behalf of the Australian Government. This includes playing a key role in protecting and promoting the health and safety of the Australian community by ensuring high standards of nursing and midwifery education.

The assessment team in our International Services section handles all skills assessments of nurses and midwives for migration purposes. We assess both modified and full assessments at our office in Canberra, Australia. You do not need to be present for this.

We systematically follow these 3 steps when processing your application for skills assessment.

How is my ANMAC application form assessed?

  1. Review application and supporting material

    We review your application form and supporting material. This is handled by our assessment team in the International Services section.

    You must be a nurse and/or midwife for us to assess you skills for migration purposes:

    • If you hold Australian or New Zealand registration you will be assessed under modified guidelines.
    • If you are registered elsewhere in the world you will need to undertake a full assessment.
  2. Determine whether suitable or not suitable for migration

    The International Services assesses all of your documentation against our 5 standards for assessment.

    If you meet ALL 5 standards we will find you suitable for migration. If you do not meet one or more of the standards you will be found unsuitable for migration.

  3. Letter of Determination

    When our assessment is complete, we post you or your migration agent a Letter of Determination. This tells you if we find your nursing and/or midwifery skills suitable or not suitable to migrate to Australia. We send this letter by mail because it has to be an original. We cannot scan, fax or email it.

Find out what to do after you receive your Letter of Determination

How to apply

Go to the application options page and decide which type of applicant you are. Please ensure that you read all the back ground information before you proceed to the online form.