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Diploma of nursing transition to HLT54115

On 8 December 2015, the Health Training Package (HTP) HLT51612 for the Diploma of Nursing qualification was superseded by the HTP HLT54115. This has an impact on all current providers of the Diploma of Nursing qualification. As a result, ANMAC is accepting applications from education providers wishing to transition from the currently accredited HTP HLT51612 to deliver the HTP HLT54115.


More information regarding the transition is available in the following communiques.


Complete an application pack for transition to HTP HLT54115 and submit it to Accreditation. For these assessments, only include changes that are required as a result of transition to HLT54115.

Review of the transition submission will be completed by an Associate Director who will liaise directly with the education provider as required. No site visit will be required as part of this assessment.

Following the review, all transition submissions will be presented to the Enrolled Nurse Accreditation Committee (ENAC) prior to being submitted to the NMBA.

ANMAC does not anticipate these submissions will cause a backlog in the accreditation process.

Application pack for transition to HLT54115 (288 KB)


$2400 + GST for each program. One fee applies if the same program is offered at multiple sites.

For full submissions and modifications that are unrelated to the transition to HLT54115, ANMAC’s usual fees apply.

Key Dates

8 December 2015

Training package HLT54115 released
7 JUNE 2017 No new enrolments into HLT51612
30 June 2018 Transition expiry date.  Students enrolled in HLT51612 must have completed and been awarded this qualification or transitioned to HLT54115 by this date


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