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Nurse Practitioner

Application for Accreditation

Existing education providers with new programs or new education providers

  1. complete an intention to submit form (214 KB) (216 KB) and return to Accreditation Services
  2. ANMAC will provide you with an Accreditation Schedule and application pack.

Education provider with approved program

1. 18 months from your approved program's expiry date ANMAC will contact you with an Accreditation Schedule and application pack.

For more information please read:

Program Changes

ANMAC works with education providers to ensure continued compliance with accreditation standards does not stifle innovation or continuous quality improvement. While program changes are supported and encouraged it is important that an education provider reports program changes to ANMAC. The reporting requirements are determined by the risk rating of the program. For more information please see Program Changes.

  Standards Application pack

Nurse Practitioner

Current Standards

Nurse Practitioner Accreditation Standards 2015 (941 KB)

Accompanying Explanatory notes

please contact  Accreditation Services

Nurse Practitioner

Programs accredited

before July 2015

Nurse Practitioner Accreditation Standards 2009 (1.3 MB)

please contact  Accreditation Services