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Program accreditation

A program’s risk rating determines how an education provider completes the accreditation application. Low-risk programs do not have to provide evidence against all standards criterion. Medium-risk and high-risk programs, new programs and new nursing and midwifery education providers must provide evidence against all standards criterion.

The process for moving to risk-based accreditation

The risk-based approach launches in February 2017. All nursing and midwifery programs will have a risk assessment conducted during the next 12 months.  The initial risk assessment will occur at different times for all education programs.

Education provider with approved program

  1. Most education programs will have the initial risk assessment conducted when the first Program Monitoring Report is completed by the education provider.
  1. If an education provider applies to ANMAC to make significant program changes to the approved program, ANMAC may choose to conduct a risk assessment of the program at the conclusion of the assessment of the program changes.

Education provider with a program awaiting approval

Providers who have an application for accreditation with ANMAC and have not received an accreditation decision will have the initial risk assessment conducted before the program is presented to an ANMAC Accreditation Committee.


It takes approximately six months for ANMAC to complete the accreditation assessment, from the time the completed application is received.

Education providers are given timeframe details well in advance; these are clearly outlined in the Accreditation Schedule which is provided to education providers approximately 18 months before the approved program is due to expire.

The Accreditation Schedule includes dates for:

  • the submission of the application pack and associated documentation
  • site visits
  • the committee meeting at which the accreditation recommendation is made.

The timeframe for accreditation assessment is subject to change depending on the complexity and extent of the assessment required. Factors influencing this include:

  • for programs involving dual and combined degrees
  • for programs involving a number of sites or campuses
  • when multiple programs are being assessed at the same time.

In these cases, ANMAC will discuss the timeframes with the education provider and agree to them in their Accreditation Schedule

The Nursing and Midwifery Board Accreditation’s (NMBA) approval process timeframe is separate to ANMAC’s accreditation assessment. NMBA approval is essential for a program to lead to registration or endorsement.

The timeframe is provided in more detail in the National Accreditation Guidelines (770 KB).

How to apply for accreditation

Currently Approved Program

ANMAC will provide you with an application pack and Accreditation Schedule 18 months prior to the expiry of the approved program.

If you would like to commence this application process earlier, please contact Accreditation Services to request an application pack and Accreditation Schedule.

New Programs or New Providers

Complete an Intention to Submit form (214 KB) and return this to Accreditation Services.

ANMAC will provide you with an application pack and your Accreditation Schedule.

Review date: 
Sunday, 26 February 2017