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Program changes

ANMAC works with education providers to ensure that continued compliance with accreditation standards does not stifle innovation or continuous quality improvement. While program changes are supported and encouraged it is important that an education provider reports program changes to ANMAC.

Reporting requirements

All program changes must be reported to ANMAC before the changes take place. The proposed changes will be assessed against the relevant accreditation standards to ensure the program continues to meet the accreditation standards it was accredited against. 

Any changes to the following MUST be reported to ANMAC at least 6 months prior to implementation:

  • TEQSA/ASQA or other registration status

  • University or TEQSA (for non-self-accrediting higher education providers) program accreditation

  • program AQF level

  • accredited minimum professional experience placement hours or sufficiency of midwifery practice experience placement

  • program entry pathways (where there is block credit)

  • program delivery, including program length or mode of study or use of a third-party provider

  • number and/or location of campuses

  • increase in approved student population

  • the addition of a Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) code, or initial enrollment of international students

  • introduction of an offshore component, exchange or placement

  • Head of Discipline

  • program name on academic transcript

  • There are two ways changes can be reported:

1. complete an Intention to Submit (219 KB) form

2. email the Accreditation Services team

The Accreditation Services team will then contact you to discuss planned timeframes to assess program changes.


Review date: 
Thursday, 19 September 2019

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