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Professional reference information

Professional references are needed to ensure your skills are relevant to the occupation you are choosing to migrate under. To access points for work experience under the General Skilled Migration program, your work experience must have first been assessed by ANMAC.

Our highly skilled Registered Nurses assess your references and may verify them with the issuing organisation.

Work experience will be reported on your Letter of Determination if it meets either of the following criteria:

  • a minimum of 12 months, full time equivalent, paid Australian work experience
  • a minimum of 36 months, full time equivalent, paid International work experience.

Professional references are not required if you are a recent graduate and your only qualification is from Australia or New Zealand. All other nurses and midwives should submit a professional reference which represents a minimum of three months, full time equivalent, paid work.

All of your professional references MUST meet the following criteria:

  • be on official letterhead
  • be written by a direct supervisor who is a nurse or a midwife
  • be dated
  • contain an original signature
  • include this contact information for each referee:
    • official hospital email address (ANMAC will not accept emails that are sent from free web-based email accounts)
    • contact telephone number for the organisation (mobile phones will not be accepted).

Please provide ANMAC's professional reference template (58 KB) to your referee. This will help your referee ensure the content of the reference meets our strict requirements.

Please note: pay slips, tax certificates and service and human resource statements are not acceptable in lieu of a professional reference.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions relating to professional references.

ANZSCO codes

All applications must refer to an ANZSCO code, these are:

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