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A shared formal agreement, or deed of agreement, between the education provider and any health service providers where students gain their professional experience.

Application pack

Details are provided in this document of how the program meets the standards.

Approved Program

For a health profession or for endorsement of registration in a health profession, means an accredited program of study –

  a. approved under section 49(1) by the National Board established for the health profession;

  b. included in the list published by the National Agency under section 49(5) (APoS)

National Law, Part 1, Section 5

Approved Program of Study list (APoS)

Programs that have achieved ANMAC accreditation and NMBA approval are recorded on the active approved program of study list available on the NMBA website.

ANMAC (2018), Prolongation Policy

Retrieved from:

Assessing authority

An independent organisation authorised by law to conduct skills assessment on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs and Department of Education and Training.

Assessment contexts

The environment in which the assessment is undertaken which includes online, the classroom, professional practice context and simulated or laboratory contexts.

Assessment decision

The outcome of the migration skills assessment and issued as a ‘Letter of Determination’.

Assessment mapping

Mapping across all subjects showing how each subject’s assessments are used to evaluate the subject’s learning outcomes and maps to the relevant NMBA standards for practice. Supports assessment of the number, type and context of subject assessments as well as formative and summative assessments.

Assessment tasks

Written papers, oral presentations or demonstrations of competence in nursing and midwifery practice.

Assessment types

Formative assessment (intended to provide feedback for future learning, development and improvement) and summative assessment (that indicates whether certain criteria have been met or certain outcomes have been achieved). See also formative and summative definitions.


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