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Indirect supervision

When the supervisor works in the same facility or organisation as the supervised person but does not constantly observe their activities. The supervisor must be available for reasonable access. What is reasonable will depend on the context, the needs of the person receiving care and the needs of the person who is being supervised.

Inherent requirements

The ability to perform tasks which are essential to perform a job productively and to the required quality.

The ability to work effectively in a team or other organisation.

The ability to work safely.

Australian Human Rights Commission

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Integrated professional practice (Nurse practitioner programs)

Integrated learning approach that enables nurse practitioner students to develop and demonstrate the Nurse Practitioner Standards for Practice within the clinical practice setting. Supports the use and generation of theory to enhance emerging and developed knowledge, behaviours and clinical and professional judgement. Also provides a supported learning environment for the development of clinical practice skills, including, but not limited to:
• comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and management of complete episodes of care
• prescription of medicines
• ordering and interpreting of diagnostic tests
• initiating and accepting referrals from other health professionals for the purposes of care coordination.
The concept includes ‘clinical training’ as embodied in the National Law.

Internationally qualified nurse

For ANMAC purposes an internationally qualified nurse is defined as a registered nurse not registered in Australia but who obtained their nursing qualification(s) and registration in a country outside of Australia.


Interprofessional learning

Occurs when two or more professions learn with, from and about each other to improve collaboration and the quality of care.

Intraprofessional learning

Occurs when learners from the one/similar profession learn about, from and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improved outcomes.

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