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This resource list is intended to be a guide. It is not an exhaustive list of the resources available to you.

General application information

Providing the correct supporting documents

Case study 

Incorrect documentation

Ingrid has just received notification from the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia that she has been granted registration in Australia. Ingrid checks that her name appears on the online public Register of Practitioners and then proceeds to ANMAC’s website where she submits an application for a modified skills assessment.

Ingrid receives her confirmation email which includes her cover letter and a link to the modified skills assessment document checklist.

Ingrid prints the cover letter and checks it for any errors. Ingrid notes she accidentally said she was born in Australia instead of Austria. Ingrid corrects this mistake and initials and dates her change. She then takes her cover letter, passport photo and other supporting documents to a justice of the peace at her local library to have copies certified.

Ingrid has copies of her passport, graduate certificate, a copy of her registration certificate that she has printed from the online register (while she waits for her original certificate to arrive in the post) and a reference from her previous employer. She has these copies certified and ensures the justice of the peace has certified them according to ANMAC specifications. Ingrid then posts these documents to Canberra.