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Become an accreditation assessor

What does an ANMAC assessor do?

Assessors review entry to practice nursing or midwifery programs to determine if they meet relevant ANMAC accreditation standards. An ANMAC assessment team usually consists of: 

  • an ANMAC Associate Director  
  • two assessors with academics and/or educational expertise 
  • one assessor with relevant clinical practice expertise. 

The assessor role

An assessor undertakes the following tasks across the program assessment timeframe, which usually takes 9 to 12 months. Time spent assessing documents and participating in meetings, counts toward continuous professional development hours and is remunerated by ANMAC. 

Activity Estimated TIME Further details

Preliminary review – Undertake an independent Preliminary Review of the education provider’s (EP’s) submission

Generally, 8-16 hours depending on quality of evidence

Assessors will have a minimum of 2 weeks to submit their review  

Enter comments into the preliminary review template provided against each criterion. Email your review to the Associate Director (AD), prior to the Assessment Team (AT) meeting 

Time spent is included in task above. 


Assessment team review meeting – Participate in the AT meeting – introduction to AT members, discuss findings from your preliminary review

Approximately 3 hours  

AT virtual meeting - may require upload of software and testing of technology

Collated Review Report – Check accuracy of the draft Collated Review Report circulated by the AD and provide feedback as necessary 

Minimum 1 hour 


Pre-site visit evidence assessment – Review evidence submitted by the EP prior to the site visit 

Minimum of 3 hours depending on quality of evidence


Communicate with the AT prior to the site visit to share findings from your review of pre-site visit evidence

Minimum of 1 hour


Site visit meeting – Participate in the site visit as per the Site Visit Agenda – opportunity to view facilities, clarify evidence, conduct stakeholder interviews

Minimum of 1 day depending on the number and location of sites to be visited 

Consider travel time - depending on your location may need day before and day after site visit(s). Travel bookings for assessment team will be organised through ANMAC administration

Site Visit Report – Check accuracy of the draft Site Visit Report circulated by the AD and provide feedback as necessary

Responses usually required within 1 week


Post-site visit evidence assessment – Further evidence cycles may be required post site visit which require your review of submitted evidence and provision of feedback as necessary

1-2 hours per cycle depending on quantity of requested evidence

Further AT meetings may be required to facilitate consensus

Outcome of Accreditation Assessment Report – Check accuracy of the draft Outcome of Accreditation Assessment Report circulated by the AD and provide feedback as necessary 

Less than 1 hour 


Accreditation Committee meeting – Chair of the Assessment Team attends the Accreditation Committee meeting with the AD

Less than 1 hour


AT self-evaluation survey – completed to support quality improvements 

Less than 1 hour

Sent after final NMBA decision

Does ANMAC provide assessor training?

New assessors will be required to complete online training, which is currently in development. This training can count toward continuous professional development. For more information, please contact  

Review date: 
Thursday, 17 February 2022

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