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Modified Skills Assessment

If you are currently a Registered Nurse, Enrolled Nurse or Midwife registered in Australia with Ahpra or registered as a nurse or midwife in New Zealand you are eligible to apply for a modified skills assessment.
If you apply for a modified skills assessment and do not hold current registration with Ahpra, you may be found unsuitable for the purposes of skilled migration.

Steps for a Modified Skills Assessment

1. If you are submitting work experience for assessment and reporting purposes, please arrange to have verification of your registration* emailed to ANMAC cannot report on your work experience if evidence of registration has not been received. Please note, you are not required to arrange for registration verification to be sent by Ahpra. ANMAC will verify your Australian registration internally. 

Verification of registration should be emailed or posted directly to ANMAC from the relevant authority. Where email is unavailable the relevant authority can post the verification directly to: 

Skilled Migration Services
GPO Box 400
Canberra City  ACT  2601

Please note, ANMAC will not accept emails that are sent from free web-based email accounts. Emails sent from other addresses will be accepted at the discretion of the assessor.

*To avoid delay, we recommend you request this prior to applying online. 

2. Collect and scan copies of the following original supporting documents (requirements for scanned copies):

  • proof of identity
    • bio-statistical page(s) of passport
    • change of name documents (marriage certificate, decree nisi, deed poll)
    • an official passport-sized, quality photograph
  • Graduation certificates and transcripts from ALL nursing qualifications. Your transcript must include commencement and completion dates. You are required to provide overseas nursing qualifications even if you are registered as a nurse or midwife in Australia.
  • statutory declaration if you are applying for an enrolled nurse skills assessment and you do not have any overseas nursing qualifications.
  • Professional references (58 KB) to support your work as a paid nurse or midwife. 

If you are an agency nurse you will need to provide ANMAC with a service statement from your employer detailing dates and hours of employment AND a professional reference written by a nurse who has supervised you in your role as an agency nurse.

This information is provided in a checklist (39 KB)

3. Create an account on the login pageYou can only apply once using the same email address. Please use a different email address for multiple applications.

4. Complete the Modified Skills Assessment application by: 

  • completing the online form
  • processing your credit card payment
  • uploading your supporting documents

We have created videos to assist you with the application process.

You will receive an email from ANMAC confirming receipt of your application and payment

  • If you have not received this email within 24 hours of applying online or are having difficulty uploading your supporting documentation, please contact us
  • To avoid account deletion you will need to submit your application and pay for your assessment within one month of creating your account.

Once you have completed your online application and made a successful payment you can upload your documents by going to the my account section in the ANMAC portal.

Case study 

Registered nurse with Australian registration

Happy nurse

Charlie is a nurse registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council in the United Kingdom and practicing as a nurse at a hospital in Glasgow. He previously worked as a nurse in Australia and has maintained his registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA).

Charlie wants to migrate to Australia so he reads the information on the Department of Home Affairs website and learns he needs a valid skills assessment to apply for his visa.

After reviewing the information on ANMAC’s website, Charlie determines that he qualifies for a Modified Skills Assessment because he is registered with the NMBA.

Charlie gathers the supporting documentation required for his assessment, scans and uploads them to his computer. He scans the original documents in colour at 600dpi resolution.

After reviewing the information on ANZSCO codes, Charlie learns that his work on an orthopaedic ward relates to 254424 Registered Nurse (Surgical). He gives ANMAC’s ​professional reference template (58 KB) to his manager to write a reference so he can gain access to extra points for his work experience against the ANZSCO code. Charlie also has experience from other hospitals, so he arranges to get professional references from his previous managers so he can accumulate the maximum amount of points for his work experience against the code.

Charlie accesses the ANMAC website to create an account and submit his application for a Modified Skills Assessment. After paying for his skills assessment Charlie uploads his supporting documents.

Charlie checks his application status online and can see that all his documents have been received.

Charlie receives his Letter of Determination by email when his skills assessment has been completed. He can now apply for his visa through the Department of Home Affairs

Review date: 
Tuesday, 19 December 2017

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