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Internal review

An education provider can request an internal review of an ANMAC decision to refuse or revoke program accreditation, if they believe: 

  • the accreditation decision was not made in accordance with the relevant Accreditation Standards  
  • the accreditation decision was not made in accordance with ANMAC policy and procedure documents
  • there was an error of fact when assessing the accreditation submission 
  • the accreditation decision and reasons for the decision do not reflect the evidence provided by the education provider. 

A fee will be applied to the application for an internal review, please see the fee schedule. For full details of the internal review process please refer to the ANMAC Internal review policy

What is required of the education provider

The education provider must: 

  • request the internal review within 30 days of receiving notice of the accreditation decision from ANMAC  
  • email a written request for an internal review to the Chief Executive Officer at  
  • include in their request a detailed explanation of each reason as to why the education provider is appealing the decision and all relevant material to support the application for review. 

What is required of ANMAC

ANMAC must:

  • respond to a written request for internal review of an accreditation decision within five business days 
  • establish an Internal Review Committee (IRC) to review the accreditation decision within 14 days of receiving an application that meets the above requirements 
  • ensure the IRC members are independent of the education provider, have formally agreed to comply with the ANMAC Conflict of interest policy, signed an ANMAC confidentiality agreement and must not have had any prior involvement in the accreditation decision 
  • ensure the internal review process is conducted as stated in the ANMAC Internal review policy 
  • notify the education provider in writing of the final accreditation decision as stated in the ANMAC Internal review policy. 

The education provider must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Internal Review Committee that the decision to refuse or revoke program accreditation was incorrect. Until such time, the final accreditation decision shall remain valid and unchanged.

Review date: 
Friday, 16 January 2026

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