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Statutory declaration

A written statement that has been signed and declared to be true before an authorised witness.


Any person enrolled in a program leading to registration as a nurse or midwife.

Student assessment

Process to determine a student’s achievement of expected learning outcomes. May include written and oral methods and practice or demonstration.

Student numbers

Approved student numbers is the annual head count of students entering the program including:

•             both full time and part time students

•             all program entry pathways.

ANMAC uses head count to support assessment of human and physical resources including clinical placements. 


Subject/unit/course/topic of study taught within a program of study.

Summative assessment

Indicates whether certain criteria have been met or certain outcomes have been achieved.


The student undertakes supervised practice outside their employed position or when they are not counted in the staffing roster (see also explanatory note).

Superseded accreditation standards

Accreditation standards are reviewed on a cyclical basis. When new accreditation standards are introduced the previous accreditation, standards become superseded.

Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (2016) Enrolled Nurse standards for practice                     

Retrieved from


Supervision can be either direct or indirect:
• Direct supervision is when the supervisor is actually present and personally observes, works with, guides and directs the person who is being supervised
• Indirect supervision is when the supervisor works in the same facility or organisation as the supervised person, but does not constantly observe their activities. The supervisor must be available for reasonable access. What is reasonable will depend on the context, the needs of the person receiving care and the needs of the person who is being supervised. Also see Direct supervision and Indirect supervision.

Systemic Complaint

May evidence some systemic matter that could signify a failure of a program or provider to meet accreditation standards.


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