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Fee Schedule

ANMAC charges education providers to accredit programs of study. The cost of assessment is determined by a number of factors including:

  • length of program—over 12 months, between 6 and 12 months, under 6 months
  • type of accreditation—full submission or modification to an existing program
  • complexity of accreditation—for example: program offered from more than two sites; dual degrees; combined degrees; program variations.

Initial accreditation of programs 2020–21

Program description

Fee ($) excluding GST

Program length over 12 months


Program length between 6 and 12 months


Program length under 6 months


Dual degree


Site visits (charge per site if more than 2 sites being assessed)


Program changes an accredited program 2020–21

Any cost associated with the assessment of Program Changes will be discussed with the education provider before the work commences. 

Additional charges for accreditation or program changes 2020–21

ANMAC will adjust fees where the assessment process deviates from those described in the fee schedule above Examples of where adjustment of fees may be applied are where there is:

  • more than 2 sites where the clinical component of the program is offered
  • joint site visit is required due to multiple programs being submitted by the same education provider
  • multiple programs are submitted by the same education provider with related material
  • program of study does not have a clinical practice component and therefore a site visit is not required
  • a recently conducted site visit for assessment of a program is submitted by the same education provider.


If ANMAC receives a concern or a complaint relating to an education provider or approved program and needs to undertake a site visit as part of the monitoring process, ANMAC will invoice the Education Provider to recover costs. 


An education provider may be eligible for a refund if they withdraw a program after the assessment process has started. Any refund is determined by how much work ANMAC has already completed, this is at the CEO’s discretion. Generally, an education provider is not eligible for a refund after ANMAC has conducted a site visit.


Education providers will be invoiced at the time the preliminary review of the submission is undertaken.

If you have any questions, please contact accounts or 02 6274 9167


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