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Assessment process

Assessment process

We systematically follow these 3 steps when processing your application for a skills assessment.

1.      Review application and supporting material

We review your application form and supporting documentation. This is handled by the assessment team in our Skilled Migration Services.

When reviewing your application, the assessment team verifies the information you provided with your application. This often requires us to contact an international organisation, which can take time.

You will receive an email from ANMAC if the information you have provided is insufficient. You will need to login to your portal to see what documents have not been accepted. Please review ANMAC's document requirements prior to contacting ANMAC for more information. Additional supporting documents can be uploaded to the portal. 

You can also access the portal to see where your assessment is up to. Please do this before you email or phone ANMAC to receive an update. 

2.      Determine if suitable or not suitable for migration

If you meet all 5 assessment criteria, you are suitable for migration.

If you do not meet one or more of the criteria, you are not suitable for migration. ANMAC will explain why you are not suitable. We cannot (by law) provide advice on what you need to do to become suitable.

3.      Issue Letter of Determination

Once your skills assessment is complete, ANMAC will email you a Letter of Determination to notify you of the outcome of your assessment. The Department of Immigration and Border protection will also receive information related to the outcome your skills assessment electronically. 

  1. Suitable for migration
    If your Letter of Determination tells you that you are suitable for migration, you can start the visa process through the Department of Home Affairs.
  2. Not suitable for migration
    If your Letter of Determination informs you that you are not suitable for migration, you cannot start the visa process. The letter will explain why you are not suitable.
    ANMAC cannot (by law) provide advice on what you need to do to become suitable for migration. To find out what further education and training you need to become suitable, contact the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia and enquire about their registration process.
Review date: 
Tuesday, 19 December 2017

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