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Assessment process

Assessment process

1. Review application detail and supporting material

The assessment team reviews your application form and supporting documentation. We will  verify the information you have provided by contacting education providers and/or employers.  You will receive an email from ANMAC if the information you have provided is insufficient.  

You can view the progress of your application on the ANMAC portal – the status changes with each step of the assessment process. Please view your application’s status before emailing or phoning ANMAC for an update.  

If you do not submit documents within 12 months, your application will expire.  

2. Determine suitability for the purposes of skilled migration

The assessment team determines whether you meet all five assessment criteria. If you meet all criteria, it is likely you will be found suitable for skilled migration. This does not guarantee a visa.  

If you do not meet all criteria, you will be determined by ANMAC to be unsuitable for skilled migration as a nurse and/or midwife. We will provide you with an explanation as to why you have been determined unsuitable. ANMAC cannot provide advice on what you need to do to become suitable.

3. Issue Letter of Determination

ANMAC will email you an electronic copy of your Letter of Determination. This letter is valid for a 2-year period from the date of issue.  

Please view see our video on how to make a request online.


Review date: 
Thursday, 17 February 2022

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